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Motion on Amending the Chinese Constitution from Chinese Shadow Government
--------An Open Letter to Chinese Communist Party

Executive Office of CSG

9/30/2003 1:09:00 AM www.world-chinese.com

To Your Excellency CCP Secretary-in-General Mr. Hu Jin Tao and all the standing committee members of CCP Political Bureau,

Glad to know that your party is going to offer an amending plan for the CCP Constitution at the Third Plenary Session of the 16th General Assembly which will be held in October. This is a time-sensitive significant act, showing the political ambition, vision and a good starting point in the political reform of the fourth generation of leaders of the Chinese party in power.

Chinese Shadow Government is a supervisory government like a party not in office, it is the shadow of the figure of the party in power and its government. Whatever the party in power and its government does, CSG will supervise, disclose, promote or oppose whatever is relevant. The goal and aim are to supervise the party in power in managing state affairs lawfully, promoting political reform, pushing China to progress, realizing democratization and republicanism, and enriching the people and country. Chinese are not quite used to this modern government form yet. It will be good once they are used to it.

To manage a huge nation of 13 hundred million people is not an easy thing. It is even more difficult to change this country from a poor, backward one to a rich and advanced one, from feudalism and totalitarianism to democratization and republicanism. We certainly have noticed that, since the economical reform and the practice of open-door policy, the party in power has been working hard and has had some very noticeable achievements in many aspects. But we also noticed that, it is very difficult for Chinese reform to go any further. It is due to the deep-rooted problems, the limits the CCP embodies. China has to reform; the party in power has to change completely.

Chinese people¡¯s expectation to the party in power is to serve people, not to grant favors. This is the first class universal standard. If you can do this, you have the people; if you can¡¯t, or won¡¯t, you will have to leave the office. People don¡¯t want to see either the drama of the false constitution polity by Cixi, the last Empress of Qing Dynasty, or the false republicanism by Yuan Shi Kai, let alone the re-play of Guangxu Reform which was so weak that it collapsed under a little bit pressure.

CCP has a very good self-correcting system. Yet, as the saying goes, the person who is involved is often dazzled. The invest interest rules that you can¡¯t carry out the surgical operation by yourself. All these, affect not only China, but also the stability of the party in power. China is like a giant with inveterate illnesses. It staggers onto the strongly competitive world stage. The doctors among the audience are very concerned.

To amend the constitution is a good starting point in treating China the giant. But to heal, it depends on an accurate diagnosis and the medication and the accurate administration of the medicines. Here we have 8 motions for the amending of the Constitution. It is an effort to confer with the primary doctors of the party in power, to diagnose for China, to serve Chinese people.

The first 5 motions here touch the dead knots in current Chinese politics; the last 3 motions are the key points in current Chinese politics. All these, are inevitable issues for anybody. It¡¯s just about when and who will face these issues. The diagnosis and prescriptions are all here. We hope the party in power will do what it has always claims: ¡°Being perseverant in doing good for the people¡¯s interests, being willing to correct mistakes for the people¡¯s interests¡±.

Here are the 8 motions:

1. Remove the item of ¡°Marxism and Leninism as the basis of People¡¯s Republic of China¡± from the Constitution. This is the root of Chinese problems.
2. Establish a protection system for the Constitution, to ensure the polity of the Constitution.
3. Practice two party political system and regular elections for the party in power. End the one party dictatorship and Chinese style party leader hereditary system.
4. Establish personnel retirement system, to root out the modern monarchy in the Chinese style of ¡°ruling behind a curtain and ruling until death at the throne¡±.
5. Establish specific goals in modernizing China, including in aspects like politics, economy, culture, management, military, and offering the liberty concerning human rights in speech, organizing, gathering, moving, and double citizenship, etc., to meet the international standards.
6. Practice the system which allows both public and private properties to exist.
7. Introduce the government operation system which has three distinctively different and independent parts: legislative, executive and judicial powers.
8. Establish the social administrative system which emphasizes ¡°legality, morality, and emotions¡±

All the said 8 motions will be discussed in details in the appendix.

Chinese Shadow Government
President: Zhang Hong Bao
Sept.26, 2003

Address of CSG:
201 I Street, SW Apt V742,
Washington DC 20024¡ª4239
Tel: 202-2859334, 626-3510418
Fax: 202-5543388


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