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“Eight Motions on Amending the Constitution”

---Zhang Hong Bao¡¯s Amazing and Awakening Manifesto about Current Chinese Politics

Contribution by Reader
10/5/2003 6:04:00 AM www.world-chinese.com

Author: Pang Guan

Hu & Wen Administration’s version of Chinese political reform is now said to be brewing for amending the Constitution. Many patriotic Chinese both within the country and overseas are eagerly offering their advice. Among all sorts of advice, I happened to read an article by Mr. Zhang Hong Bao, who is the President of China Shadow Government, “Motions on Amending the Constitution”. It is very refreshing and awakening.

In his article, with the sharp vision of a statesman, Mr. Zhang puts forward 8 motions which are very incisive and very pragmatic, targeting critical issues like theoretical system of the founding of the country, political system, developmental goals and the administration of the country.

1. Remove the item of “Marxism and Leninism as the basis of People’s Republic of China” from the Constitution. This is the root of Chinese problems. 2. Establish a protection system for the Constitution, to ensure the practice of the Constitution. 3. Practice two party political system and regular elections for the party in power. End the one party dictatorship and Chinese style party leader hereditary system. 4. Establish personnel retirement system, to root out the modern monarchy in the Chinese style of “ruling behind a curtain and ruling until death at the throne”. 5. Establish specific goals in modernizing China, including in aspects like politics, economy, culture, management, military, and offering the liberty in speech, organizing, gathering, moving, and double citizenship, etc., to meet the international standards. 6. Practice the system which allows both public and private properties to exist. 7. Introduce the government operation system which has three distinctively different and independent parts: legislative, executive and judicial powers. 8. Establish the social administrative system which emphasizes “legality, morality, and emotions”.

These eight motions, every one of them hits the focuses of current Chinese politics, every one of them touched the roots of current political issues in China. In his penetrating way, Zhang concluded penetratingly that, the first five motions work at the dead knots of Chinese current politics; the last three touch the main knots of Chinese current politics.

These eight motions cover every aspect of the operating system of Chinese society, outline the blueprint of the founding and managing of a new China and herald the path and direction of the future China. Once this new China comes into being, it will definitely be a new era in Chinese history. China will be a truly democracy towering in the east of the world. I believe Mr. Zhang Hong Bao who is the President of China Shadow Government will become the founding father of the new democratic China because of his achievements.

These eight motions, are a collage and representative of the ideas and pursuits of all the patriotic people who care about the political progress of China. They are based on international treaties, specific Chinese situations and social development trends and the main stream. They are very realistic and historically significant, extremely constructive and feasible.

Zhang Hong Bao pointed out, when he was interviewed by a reporter from US DIAMOND NEWS, “To democratize China will be a long tough journey. It will not become reality overnight either by violence and sabotage or by gradual peaceful evolution. We must work relentlessly, to wake up the people, to rely on and guide Chinese social forces to push China to democracy.” After reading the eight motions, I do feel that, it is an amazing manifesto to wake up the people; it will surely bring a shockingly awakening force to people who care about the political progress in China.


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