Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

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“State Doctor” of Current Chinese Politics---Zhang Hong Bao

Contribution by Reader
10/5/2003 6:12:00 AM www.world-chinese.com

Author: Xiu Zai Yin

The eight motions on amending Chinese Constitution put forth by Zhang Hong Bao, pointed out the eight focuses of current Chinese political diseases which are all very severe and critical. This shows Zhang Hong Bao has very broad political vision, very penetrating political perceptive and accurate political diagnosis.

Where is China going, how? Everyone has his or her opinion. Zhang sees clearly, talks clearly, even “draws” clearly---he clearly mapped out the next directions. Every move of Zhang as the President of China Shadow Government manifests what it means to be a great political strategist.

China, with her 13 hundred million people, can’t go through any change in its political structure by way of violence, sabotage, etc. Violence can only cause more chaos; ordinary people will suffer the most, not only in the process but also at the end. As for the reality, the best starting point on Chinese political reform is to amend the Constitution. CCP is planning to amend the Constitution at its 16th General Assembly which was approved by Zhang Hong Bao in the first place. Following that, Zhang puts forth his eight motions on amending the Constitution. This is to discuss state affair with the party in power, to have a joint diagnosis for the country with the party in power, “for our country, for our people”. This is the first time CSG openly discuss state affairs, yet, what a success! How fresh, how original! I believe all the wise people who really care about the political future of China, including all the parties and all the ethnic peoples will recognize this.

The Shadow Government and the party in power are like figure and its shadow, so long as figure exists, the shadow always follows. The current government does something right, the shadow government will do its best to share in discussing, planning for the state affairs; the party in power does something wrong, the shadow government will just advise, criticize even oppose whatever is related. This way of supervising the party in power all the time and everywhere to manage the state by way of law, is the form and way of the shadow government participates the governing. This form is completely new in the history of CCP governing, but it is a very helpful supervision for the party in power. If CCP has the sincerity in accepting such supervision, it should do everything it can to improve its job, and it will be more supported by the people. If all the other parties can participate in the state affair managing like CSG, together with CCP, Chinese state affair will certainly improve!

Every one has a state responsibility when it is related with his country’s extinguishing or prospering. Zhang Hong Bao and his CSG took the lead in taking this responsibility, this is the beginning of China’s prospering. CCP which is in power now may not be used to this kind of modern government operation method, “it will be good if (CCP and the people are) used to.” Once this habit has come into being, China is not far from real democracy and republicanism. This may be the beginning of China’s democratization.

Here goes the ancient Chinese saying, “The best doctor treats the state, the mediocre doctor treats the industry, and the regular doctor treats the bodies.” I heard Zhang Hong Bao is the founder of a specialty medicine and has successfully healed thousands of patients. From what it looks now, I think, no wonder he is “the state doctor.”


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