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Zhang Hong Bao Put Forward His Eight Motions on Amending the Constitution to CCP Leaders

World Chinese Net Reporter:Yan Qi
10/5/2003 11:00:00 AM

CSG Started Mechanism Supervising Modern Chinese Regime

Spiritual Leader Zhang Hong Bao who is closely watched by the international society, and who has thousands of followers in China, after 3 years of exile in USA, suddenly changed his low key style and recently had a press conference in L.A. , announcing the official establishment and operation of CSG in which he was elected the President. On the other day, he wrote an open letter to CCP, addressing to CCP secretary-in-general Hu Jin Tao and CCP Political Bureau, putting forward “the eight motions on amending Chinese Constitution by CSG”. This letter caused very strong reaction in Chinese communities and in USA society, including the reporter himself, just feeling patriotic, as the saying goes, “everyone has a state responsibility when it is related with his country’s extinguishing or prospering.”

Volume of tolerance shows how great a person is. Zhang Hong Bao returned CCP’s persecution with grace, offering his advice to improve CCP’s administration, all out of his patriotism, and great mind.

“Here we have 8 motions for the amending of the Constitution. It is an effort to confer with the primary doctors of the party in power, to diagnose for China, to serve Chinese people.”

Zhang Hong Bao stated crystal clear in the very beginning of his letter about his motivation and aim to the highest CCP leaders. The letter transmits his efforts of gold for state and people.

Mr. Zhang founded Zhonggong for the physical and mental health of the people in China. Yet, Zhonggong’s fast growth was not compatible with the tyrannical CCP. He and his cause, his followers were cruelly suppressed. After devoted study, he found that Marxism and Leninism, which are regarded as the basis of the founding of People’s Republic of China, are the sources of China diseases. He published his “Key Points of Political Disagreements¡” and “Theory of Re-organizing Countries”, which were considered to be a threat to CCP’s political stability. He was forced into exile and still suffers the CCP persecution which follows him overseas.

It is absolutely understandable that Mr. Zhang, who has been persecuted by CCP mercilessly for a long time, whose career was destroyed, separated from his wife and child, forced into exile in other countries and still suffers CCP’s schemes, would be a lifelong foe to CCP. Whereas, Mr. Zhang is obviously beyond personal grudges---he set up CSG in US, offering 8 motions on amending the Constitution to CCP. This kind of taking care of CCP as a good doctor would to a severely ill patient, demonstrates his patriotism in every word he says, manifests an amazing act of a great statesman. Isn’t this a highly inspiring and admiring person!

“Not scared of being the first in the whole world,” as the Chinese saying goes, Zhang Hong Bao fearlessly faced CCP administration which is very hostile and which has been persecuting him, announcing that he is going to supervise the management of CCP like a shadow following a figure. His purpose is to make the regime gradually get familiar with the modern government operational method, pressing for the protective system of Chinese Constitution. It is impossible for anybody who has less strategy, less courage, less wisdom to be able to do this!


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