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Interview with President Zhang Hong Bao of China Shadow Government
US DIAMOND NEWS reporter Zhou Jia Jun

9/30/2003 1:54:00 AM www.world-chinese.com

US DIAMOND NEWS reporter Zhou Jia Jun reports

A year ago, Zhang Hong Bao, the founder of Zhonggong, moved to L.A. from Washington D.C. Recently he announced at a press conference that, China Shadow Government came into being and he was elected as the President. Its operation starts the day it was established. This is another overseas “Chinese government”, following the establishment of “Chinese Federal Government” which was announced by Peng Ming in May in San Francisco this year. This event was echoed in the USA, and it caused very strong reactions in Chinese communities.

Zhonggong (Chinese Life and Wisdom Enhancing Qigong) which was founded by Zhang Hong Bao in 1987 in Beijing developed very quickly, due to very good societal effects. Since its first day, Zhonggong has set up more than 3000 enterprises in China and has attracted 38 million followers within more than ten years. Since Zhang Hong Bao poses an opposite political position to CCP government, and Zhonggong was developing quickly, CCP government takes it as a threatening force. In 1999, while CCP government was suppressing Fa Lun Gong, it announced Zhonggong as “a political group that has the tendency of anti-revolution”, at the same time, it issued an arresting warranty to Zhang Hong Bao. In the beginning of 2000, Zhang came to USA. After over a year’s ordeal, Zhang was granted political asylum by the US government.

Zhang is a Chinese political dissident with international influence. He is very capable, a very charismatic leader. He set up the “China Shadow Government” in USA. What is his motivation? Any plan? What effect will it be on the US-China relationship? With these questions, the reporter went to Zhang’s residence and had an interview with him the other day. The following is the record of the interview, just an objective Q &A, with no prescriptions and comments:

Q: Since the news of the establishment of your China Shadow Government came out, there has been a strong reaction in the Chinese communities in Northern America. Different people have different perspectives. When you were interviewed by L.A. 1300 Channel, obviously the “call in” showed that the opposing forces and their preparation are taking the upper hand. Here, my first question is, you were specialized in Qigong, in developing longevity. Why did you come to US to set up the China Shadow Government (CSG) which opposes CCP government?

A: I founded Zhonggong in China, just to help people enhance their health, physically and mentally. Yet, Zhonggong was developing quickly which could not be tolerated by the tyrannical CCP. We were persecuted cruelly. For a long time, I have been systematically studying the translational Chinese methods to manage a country. I found that the Marxism and Leninism, which were regarded as the basis of People’s Republic of China, were the real sources of social illnesses of China. As a result, I published my study in articles of “Key Points of My Political Objections”, and “Theory of Re-organizing Countries”. This way, I am not allowed to survive in China. Now, we set up CSG for reasons as follows: 1. It abides by US laws and it is legally registered. 2. I’ve finished the related preparation in theories and in practice. 3. The changes in the CCP leaders and the calling of Chinese society for political reform offered the opportunity. 4. CCP may amend its Constitution next year and we shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Some say I set up CSG because of the lawsuits. That is not true. CSG was registered in November of 2002 and these lawsuits didn’t happen until mid-March this year. If some say, these related lawsuits were designed to distract me from my work, I’m afraid it is true. But, they will not affect the CSG’s normal operation in general.

Q: why is it called CSG? What is its English name? What is its nature and goal?

A: One basic position of CSG is, we admit the political fact on the two sides of Taiwan Strait. The two governments are both existing political entities, and both are legal governments. We respect this fact. Our goal of setting up CSG, at least at present, is not to overturn CCP government. Our goal is to supervise the government as a party out of office, to promote political reform, push the society to progress, to set up a democracy. We call it CSG, just to show our relationship with CCP government is like the shadow and the figure. Whatever they do, however they do, we will follow them like a shadow to supervise, disclose, call, promote and oppose whatever is relevant. Our goal is just to supervise the party in power to manage the country according to the law, to promote political reform, push China to progress. CSG’s English name is China Shadow Government. It locates in Washington D.C., and its headquarters are in L.A.

Q: What are the major departments in CSG?

A: Right now, we have the Administrative Bureau of the Presidency. We are going to set up 8 to 10 committees. They are Committees of Personnel Supervision, of Culture and Education, of Mass Media, of Diplomacy, of Finance, of Military, of Legislation, of Technology and of National Security, etc. The basic functions of these committees are to observe, to get to know and to supervise the related ministries in CCP government, so as to put forward our motions and by way of modern communication equipments and multi-media to let more Chinese people know what is going on. Some asked, how does your CSG push China to progress? I think, by asking questions and offering motions and communicating them to the people, we are promoting and we are pushing the progress. To democratize China will be a long tough journey. It will not become reality overnight either by violence and sabotage or by gradual peaceful evolution. We must work relentlessly, to wake up the people, to rely on and guide Chinese social forces to push China to democracy.

Q: Any reaction from CCP government? I heard you are working on amending the Constitution?

A: I prefer low-key style. I’ve moved to LA from Washington D.C. for over a year now and never planned to go public. This time I’m framed, that’s why I’m forced to accept some interviews with some media. Some say, the founding of CSG has never caused any reaction from China yet. This is not true. I can tell you, the highest level in CCP has contacted me through certain ways to try to find out about my real thoughts at present. I am not very optimistic about the amending of the Constitution next year. But I still put forth my eight motions. They are: 1.Remove the item of “Marxism and Leninism as the basis of People’s Republic of China” from the Constitution. This is the root of Chinese problems. 2. Establish a protection system for the Constitution, to ensure the practice of the Constitution. 3. Practice parties’ political system and regular elections for the party in power. End the one party dictatorship and Chinese style party leader hereditary system. 4. Establish personnel retirement system, to root out the modern monarchy in the Chinese style of “ruling behind a curtain and ruling until death at the throne”. 5. Establish specific goals in modernizing China, including in aspects like politics, economy, culture, management, military, and offering the liberty in speech, organizing, gathering, moving, and double citizenship, etc., to meet the international standards. 6. Practice the system which allows both public and private properties to exist. 7. Introduce the government operation system which has three distinctively different and independent parts: legislative, executive and judicial powers. 8. Establish the social administrative system which emphasizes “legality, morality, and emotions”. China needs not only a democratic Constitution, but also should gradually set up a moral system that fits in Chinese culture.

The first five of the eight motions that are mentioned above, hit the dead knots in current Chinese politics; the last three hit the key points in current Chinese politics. These are all inevitable issues. It is just a matter of when to solve them, how many steps to take to solve them and who will solve them.

Q: May I venture to ask such a question, “What is your CSG’s major economic source?”

A: Our CSG is an enterprise that deals in political and cultural products and services. This definition helps us to do what we want to do and at the same time helps us protect ourselves well and it will not cause any diplomatic trouble for US government and President Bush. I am majored in law and administration; I know how to operate our government. Our major economic source is not from other people’s financial aid; it is mainly from our own operation. We specialize in health-enhancing industry, including education, medicine, health-enhancing retreats, tourism retreats and research bases, we also do financial investment. We make money by selling our own products and services and financial investment, legally and reasonably, to support our expenditures in every functional department. At present, we don’t accept any outside financial help and we don’t have economic difficulties.

Q: I heard Zhonggong has the basic rules of “Three No-es and Three Yes-es”. Have you changed these rules?

A: We do. The three No-es are, no involvement in politics, not aiming at profits, no religion. The three Yes-es are, yes, we establish our industry by law; yes, we manage our industry by law; yes, we protect our industry by law. These rules are not changed. Yet, the situation is changing; we do need to practice these rules with flexibility. For example, our three Yes-es rule was based on laws. But, the CCP tyrannical ruling is not based on law. Personal power is beyond law and people can be put to death just by certain people’s will. Zhonggong didn’t do anything illegally, how come it was painted as antirevolutionary politically? That’s why our three Yes-es rule remains the same, but to practice it, we need a politically democratic environment. It’s the same with the three No-es. One of the differences between Zhonggong and Fa Lun Gong is, Zhonggong is not a religious group; it is an enterprise specializing in health-enhancing products. It is not aiming at overturning CCP. Politics was not the original aim when Zhonggong was founded. I personally started to set up CSG, only because we didn’t want to be involved in politics yet politics won’t leave us alone. It is even working at killing us. We are forced to rebel, to supervise the current Chinese government with our CSG to push it to democracy. Only when we exist in a democratic society, we can focus on our specialty. This idea of mine and the matter of setting up CSG were supported by Zhonggong organization and 38 million followers.

Q: What’s your most profound impression about US since you came here three years ago?

A: To me, this is a sensitive question. I have been in a calm state of mind in facing USA for the three years here. The moment I entered US from Thailand, I was imprisoned in Guam for 444 days. My application for political asylum was seriously obstructed by CCP’s Embassy in USA, though was finally passed. Yet, CCP didn’t relax its harassment. For over a year, all kinds of lawsuits were filed against me, certainly took up a lot of my energy. Please think about it, it can get as worse as 9 lawsuits were filed against me in one month. If it’s not designed by certain people, it’s just impossible. I have majored in law and I have been appointed as the senior advisor for academic group in Chinese Supreme Court. I know laws and I obey laws. I also studied US laws systematically. I found that in US laws there is no law to sentence the accuser to the punishment facing the person he falsely accused. In another word, suppose you are an innocent person, and somebody accused you falsely and you won in the end. Your innocence is assured, but the law doesn’t look into the legal responsibility of your accuser. The forces that are framing me are taking advantage of this loophole of US legislation and have been imposing a lot of lawsuits onto me. On the other hand, press freedom is very good, yet the fact that it has no limitations also harms innocent people. Before I had the July 20 press conference, almost all the reports concerning me were negative; some were personal attacks and slandering. Ever since the press conference, the reports in the media became relatively objective and true. Yet, after all, my deepest impression about US is, US laws are fair. Relying solely on evidence is the only sure way to avoid an unjust case. Therefore, I am very confident that I’ll win all these related lawsuits that are designed by some people, because I know those people who have been framing me can’t produce any real evidences.

Q: Are you planning to go back to China or work in US?

A: US is a really democratic and free country. Choosing US as our place to develop our cause is ideal. Of course, we have very deep roots in China. Our 38 million followers are in China, they are the assurance of the success of our cause. I believe, to make great achievements, you have to overcome great difficulties; to make small achievements, the difficulty you have to overcome is relatively small; and to do nothing is of course no difficulty to overcome. I have been prepared for huge difficulties. My wife and I have separated. I am a single man in USA. I have nothing to worry; I am only focusing on promoting for political democratization in China, realizing my dream of a democratic China.


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