Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Zhang Hongbao ---- Founding Leader of Democratic China

Jian Feng

Contribution by Reader
8/29/2003 12:16:00 AM

History will transform eminent Chinese democracy fighters, both domestic and overseas, into founding leaders of a democratic China in the future. Under the circumstances of today’s social development, any solitary hero or guerrilla leader can play only a very limited role. The only entity able to promote China’s democracy must be a group of intelligent individuals who are united under one banner and are perspicacious, dynamic, and coordinative with one and other. Mr. Zhang Hongbao, founding leader of Democratic China, is such a banner.

Ours is a time of low tide, when Dr. Wang Bingzhang, “the father of overseas democracy movement,” has been put away in prison, when the old generation of China’s democracy fighters, after spending almost twenty years of their lives and youth in a fierce fight against Chinese Communist dictatorship incarceration, are now looking for some place to return to, when the new generation of democracy fighters of various brands are lamenting their misfortune of having missed the best of fights and trying to satisfy themselves with self-mockery. Despite all these signs of decline, on the other shore of the Pacific Ocean, in Mainland China, hundred of anti-communist, anti-one-party-rule political forces are gathering their strength and waiting for a call to form a nation-wide fighting front.

It is against this background that the banner of China’s shadow government has risen and is flying high against the thunderstorms of the Pacific Ocean.

Mr. Zhang Hongbao launched “Chinese Qigong of Life Cultivation and spiritual Development” in Mainland China 16 years ago, bringing health and wisdom to 38 millions learners of this qigong. With his comprehensive understanding of the broad and profound Chinese traditional culture, especially his selective adaptation of China’s thousand year long intellectual tradition, combined with the essence of modern political practices, Zhang Hongbao initiated a new thought of national reconstruction and launched his new theory of “national reorganization” about the new world order. He boasts a broad mass basis in China and an enormous potential of mobilizing power. All these have caused the Chinese Communist authorities reach out a black hand in an anxious attempt to have Mr. Zhang Hongbao terminated. Thus ensued the banning of Zhonggong as “a counterrevolutionary clique.” Even after Mr. Zhang obtained the status of political asylum in the United States, that black hand is still busy stirring up various kinds of troubles around him.

When a great man is entrusted with a great mission, he often has to undergo bodily hardships, physical sufferings, and mental trials. The vicissitudes in the past years have sublimated Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s true feelings for the Chinese people and his sense of mission as a fighter to promote democracy in China. In his noiseless, intense struggles against both open and hidden enemies, in both open battles and skirmishes, Mr. Zhang has acquired his unique character of sang-froid and composure that enables him to handle numerous exigencies.

Under the present circumstances, when the overseas democracy movement is at a low tide, Mr. Zhang, courageously going against the currents and unhesitatingly taking advantage of the historical opportunity, has stepped forward, with an equanimity so characteristic of him, to shoulder the historical task of becoming the first present of China’s shadow government. This undoubtedly gives enormous encouragement and support to the people who are concerned with China’s future as well as to the heroes who are actually engaged in the struggle to promote democracy in China.

This is truly an epoch-making event. History has picked Mr. Zhang Hongbao for a great mission. The Chinese people and all the people around the globe who care about democracy in China are looking forward to a magnificent answer sheet that Mr. Zhang Hongbao will submit to history!


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