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Viewing the US Personnel Policy from the Angle of “Zhang Hong Bao Kidnapping Case”

Excerpted from “http://www.china101.com/cgi-bin/polipage.pl”,
Posted by Huo Jie at 14:09:43, January 25:

Viewing the US Personnel Policy from the Angle of “Zhang Hong Bao Kidnapping Case”

The differences between the Oriental cultures and Occidental cultures caused Americans to make errors in their personnel policy. In China there is a saying, “a growling cat doesn’t catch mice.” As for the human beings, those who are jumping and yelling in public may not have real stuff, and those who are just doing things silently are the real heroes. Zhang Hong Bao is pretty low-key, yet, he is the one who has national strategies in mind.

Since the late stage of WWII, one of the basic national policies in USA is to attract elites from all over the world to work at many significant fields. Those who came to USA under such policy contributed greatly in fields like economy, military, science and national management. USA could eventually become the No. 1 power in the world is closely related to the policy mentioned and the actual execution of the policy. In a way, we can say that USA turned into a giant by making good use of these elites’ brains. People who are aware of this and people who were persecuted in their native lands thronged into US, into this land of liberty. USA can be said the green house and fertile soil for democracy and liberty. Today’s US is like the Qin kingdom in Chinese history which was well before Christ, in the sense of its personnel policy.

As times goes by, although the excellent national policy in US about attracting elites has not changed, the standards have been confused. In late eighties of 20th Century, for anybody who claimed to be the students of “June the Fourth”, or democratic elites, or claimed to be persecuted, US government would open its gate to welcome them in. In late nineties of 20th Century, anybody who wears “Yellow Vest” and claims to be a member of Fa Lun Gong would easily get immigrated to USA.

What’s so strange is, although US accepted thousands of new immigrants as listed above, it closed its gate onto Mr. Zhang Hong Bao, who is the famous spiritual leader of China and had been severely persecuted for many years by CCP. Later, it did accept Mr. Zhang half-heartedly, but it was after Mr. Zhang spent 444 days in prison. The visible prison days had passed, yet, Mr. Zhang is still in invisible prison.

Is it that US government really doesn’t see the value of Mr. Zhang? In the late Nineties of last century, CCP which is in power claimed to have 40,000,000 members in China and yet Zhonggong which was founded by Zhang Hong Bao who is not in political power has 38,000,000 members.

On the other hand, who else among all kinds of leaders who are taking refuge in USA dares to set up a China Shadow Government? Who else dares to suggest the “Eight Motions for Amending the Chinese Constitution”? Who else is able to write down and get published “My Political Views” and gave a thorough and convincing criticism on Marxism which is the theoretical base of CCP system? Who else among all the elites is able to start from scratch and after 13 years of hard working and developed Zhonggong into a huge nongovernmental enterprise which owns over a dozen hundred million Yuan and has employees over a hundred thousand? Listing out Zhang Hong Bao’s achievements just shows appropriately that Zhang is a successful entrepreneur, a very popular spiritual leader, an outstanding political leader of China who is temporarily confined to the situation but one day may turn out to be a leader of the world.

Zhang Hong Bao took refuge in US and caused a great panic in Chinese government. It sent out agents to assassin him and utilized national resources to try to frame Zhang into criminal cases and force US government to give Zhang back to China by all means.

CCP is so afraid of Zhang, and so eager to force him into dead corners, why? It is because it knows that Zhang Hong Bao is a rare giant in managing the country, a world-class “great treasure”. Even those agents who have been attacking Zhang admitted that Zhang is at least at the level of a national master. If US government puts Zhang into an important position, he will be a great threat to CCP’s rule, may even topple CCP regime. Using national resources and in the name of the country to attack somebody is CCP’s old trick----if CCP can not get something anyway, it will make sure the other people will not get it either.

Here, we sincerely advise US government: stop allowing CCP to harass Zhang Hong Bao with those fabricated cases; forget about using Zhang as a bargaining counter in political deals with CCP. Adjust your standard of gathering elites and treat Zhang gracefully as it should be.


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