Founder of Tianhua Culture

Reverse View - by Hongbao

Mr. Zhang Hongbao

       Almighty Hand -by Hongbao

 Brief Introduction about Zhang Hongbao

Zhang Hongbao Memorial

  Goals of Benefiting the World

 Bring Health to the World; Bring Hope to the World;

 Bring Joy to the World; Bring Strength to the World.

Universal Virtues

                          Eight Virtues

                           Eight Principles

High achievements, yet no arrogance;

High-ranking positions, yet no abusing

 for personal gains;

Honored, no conceit;

Setback, no depression;

Facing a fortune, no greed;

Facing opposite sex, yet no lewd ideas;

Treating people, being tolerant;

Doing business, being devoted.

Respecting Teachers, Pursuing truths;

Being Courteous, and Agreeable;

Sense of a Team;

Being Efficient and Effective;

Being Patriotic and Law-obeying;

Being disciplined and

Keeping Confidential;

Being Thrifty, and Good at Home-Managing;

Being Faithful to Promises and Principles.