Masterpieces in Arts

Gong Painting, Gong Music, Fine Works in Zhang Hong Bao’s Photography

Quoting Mr. Zhang Hongbao

A politician who doesn’t understand arts and humor can only bring a desert to people.

Life needs beautiful things and joy.

The essence of photography is the art of light-using and composition.

I. Tianhua Gong Painting Appreciation



Chinese Tianhua Gong Painting Art Exhibition in Beijing

Fine Examples of Tianhua Gong Paintings

II. Enjoy Tianhua Gong Dance, Godly Fist Kungfu

III. Tianhua Music Appreciation

1. Musical composition: Stump Posture with “Sword-fingers”

2. Musical composition: Snake Moving Posture

3. Musical composition: Shake-it-off Posture

4. Musical composition: Voice-guided Energy Invigoration

5. Musical composition: Nurturing Qi

6. Musical composition: Zhonggong Relaxing Gong Dance

7. Musical composition: Gold Tower Stump Posture

8. Musical composition: Yuan Dun Great Rule

9. Musical composition: Chinese Health-care Intelligence-enhancing Gong Song

10. Song: The Out-of-this-world Gold Kilin

IV. Fine Works in Zhang Hong Bao’s Photography

1. Series on “Fairyland Tour”

2. Picturesque Scenery in Tianhua Meditation Institute

3. Grand Theatre for Ordinary Americans----New Year’s Day Parade in Pasadena

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