Reverse View - by Hongbao

Mr. Hongbao Zhang

Gigantic Paint Brush - by Hongbao

Brief Introduction about Zhang Hongbao

Goals of Benefiting the World

Bring Health to the World; Bring Hope to the World;

Bring Joy to the World; Bring Strength to the World.

Our People's Virtues

No arrogance while achieved in Gongfu ;

In higher positions, yet no abusing for personal gains;

Honored, no conceit;

Setback, no depression;

No greed on fortune ;

encounter sexual desire, yet no lewd ideas;

Treating people, being tolerant;

Doing business, being devoted.

Respecting Teachers, Pursuing truths;

Being Courteous, and Agreeable;

Be a Team player;

Being Efficient and Effective;

Being Patriotic and obey the law;

Being disciplined and Keeping Confidential;

Being Thrifty, and Good at Home-Managing;

Being Faithful to Promises and Principles.

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