Tianhua Culture

Decoding the Principles of the Universe

Tianhua Philosophy - by Hongbao Zhang


  1. Preface
  2. Zhang Hongbao’s creation: Hongbao Diagram of Universal Principles
  3. Zhang Hongbao: Detailed explanation on Hongbao Diagram of Universal Principles
  4. Zhang Hongbao: The Eight Grand Laws of the Universe

Yangguang: The Eight Grand Laws of Tianhua Philosophy

  1. Zhang Hongbao’s original work: Yin-yang Basic Law
  2. A guide for reading “Yin-Yang Basic Law”: The Outline of Tianhua Philosophy System
  3. Zhang Hongbao’s original work: Five Xing Interaction Rules
  4. My understanding of “Five Xing Interaction Rules”: the mystery of the heavenly principles the classic of human principles.
  5. Zhang Hongbao’s original work: the origin of life and its rule of movement
  6. The guide for reading “The origin of life and its rule of movement”: drill through the gate of life&; decoding the mystery of life and death
  7. Zhang Hongbao’s original work: Major Points of My Political Views
  8. Comment on “Major Points of My Political Views”
  9. Zhang Hongbao’s original work: Stratagem Theory of “Country-Recombination”

a. View of history inevitability of “Countries Recombination” from process of global economy”

b. Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s Forecast about “Countries-recombination” Has Come True; France and Germany have Combined into an Alliance

c. The Initiation of Europe Union Has Made a Real Footnote for Zhang, Hongbao's Theory of Reorganization of Countries;

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