Tianhua Qigong

(Aka: Zhonggong, yuandun)

1. Zhang Hong Bao and His Zhonggong


Brief Introduction of Zhong Gong

2. Ji Yi: Great Qi Gong Master Emerged (Volume 1 to 4)

3. Zhang Hong Bao:

Brief Introduction to Zhonggong

Zhonggong: First Step

Zhonggong: Second Step

Zhonggong: Third Step

Zhonggong: Forth Step

4. Zhang Hong Bao: General Guides on Zhonggong 4 Sets

5. Zhang Hong Bao: Mystiques to Meditation

6. Zhang Hong Bao: 36 Keys to Meditation

7. Zhang Hong Bao: Key Points in Health-care in Different Seasons

8. Zhang Hong Bao: Key Points in Health-care in Different Stages in Life

9. Effects on Meditation

10. Brief Introduction of Meditation Resorts of Zhonggong (Pictures)

11. Zhang Xing: Grand Tour of the Great Qi Gong Master

12. The One Who holds Ethics Wins Supports; All Rivers Run to the Ocean

13. Organizations that Hired Mr. Zhang Hong Bao as Adviser and Partial Excerpts of the Comments

14. Abbreviated Excerpts of Dictionaries of Celebrities Which Include Mr. Zhang Hong Bao and Zhonggong

15. Documentary Movie on Zhang Hong Bao: the Out-of-this-world Gold Kilin

16. A Live Video of Mr. Zhang Hong Bao Lecturing on a Set of Zhonggong

17. New Zhonggong Morals

18. An Anthology of Zhonggong Scientific Studies

19. Why are More and More People Studying Zhonggong?

20. Where can I Learn Zhonggong?

21. Diagram of Zhonggong’s Popularity in China

22. Diagram of Zhonggong’s Popularity in the World

23. Advertisement of Zhonggong Health-care Products

24. Advertisement of Teaching Zhonggong

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